Tek 464 CRT tube presenting "double-peaking" - Is rejuvenation recommended

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Guys,
I recently got an used Tek 464 in very good overall condition but I was somewhat disappointed with its focusing, but since it's a storage scope, I wasn't sure if it was "normal" to this model.

After some experimenting with it, I finally learned that it's presenting "double-peaking"... In other words, that the CRT is at the end of its life.

Brightness isn't so bad yet, but focus tracking and astigmatism aren't very good (not awful, but leaves a lot to desire).

Is this CRT worth rejuvenating? Does rejuvenation works for this model?

Anyone has some experience rejuvenating this particular model? Any voltage values or tips that I can try?

Does anyone have one of those CRTs in good shape, that I won't have to sell a kidney to buy?

Thanks for any input.

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