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Is there really that big of a difference? I have never used a 7B70 or
7B71 (or 7B50 or 7B51) (I guess none of these are that common which
makes sense since they were produced for a shorter time then their
replacements) but except where the delay line length is an issue, I
rarely see any difference between a 7B53A and 7B92A except of course
where the fastest sweep speeds are needed.

I like the 7B92A more for its alternate delayed sweep and I prefer the
7B80/7B85 for their automatic peak-to-peak triggering and delta
delayed sweep. In both cases, their higher frequency triggering and
fastest sweep speeds are of secondary importance.

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Assuming that you will eventually get this scope working I would like to
suggest you buy a timebase that is a better match to the 500+MHz capability
of your 7904. The 7B92A would be ideal. The 7B71 is a very old plugin and
not great at triggering or capable of triggering at the higher frequencies
the 7904 can display.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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