Re: Rear cover 2235

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hi Rick,

Tek Blue Paint. I have a few spray cans of this stuff made up occasionally
at the same place that makes it for Tek. I sell it for $15 per can and one
can will do about 3 whole scopes (depending upon if you paint the inside
surfaces of the covers or just the outsides). If you are going to spray over
plastic, you can do it, but since the paint is lacquer, it tends to attack
plastic. You just do it quick and leave it alone . . .


Rick Davis wrote:

I need the rear plastic cover for a 2235.
Could swap other parts from a 2235 just to make it interesting (front
cover, handle, misc. circuit boards, components???) or Federal Reserve
notes if you insist.

Also, has anyone found a source for that magic blue paint they used on
the covers? I could use a can or two of that too.


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