Re: Cheap Chinese probes too cheap?

Dave Voorhis

Thanks for the replies.

I’ve ordered one. I’ll report back when (if?) I receive it and have had a chance to try it.

I figure it’s worth a gamble, especially as I’ve spent more on less promise. For example, I spent £35 last week on two pig-in-a-poke oscilloscopes, a Solartron CD1400 and a Tek 7603 with 7B53A and 7A26 plugins. Both scopes were essentially described as having lost their magic smoke with suspicion of power transformer failure. The CD1400 turned out to merely have insulation rubbed off a power lead and it now works. I haven’t had time to look at the 7603.

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I seriously doubt that you would be disappointed. I have not had problems
with chinese probes.


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