Re: Jitter Measurement with TDS694c


TDSJIT3 is the latest one I'm familiar with.There may be a more recent version but I doubt it because the TDS5 & TDS6 series were superseded. by the TDS7xxx series, so any enhancements would have been directed towards the newer series.
If you just want a rough jitter measurement, put the TDS6 into persistence mode & let it paint a thick rising edge.Use the input signal as a trigger source, not an ext trig.
If you have a stable input source, this will give you a sense of the scope's internal jitter.Then, apply the DUT & measure that jitter in the same way.The difference in the horizontal thickness is the difference in the jitter between the 2 sources.
You may be able to find some useful ap notes on Tek's web site.
 HankC, Boston WA1HOS

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