Re: 11403 factory default.


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In think a P6156 Probe is more likely to be used with the 11A52 (600 MHz), 11A71 and 11A72 Modules (both 1 GHz). Oke the P6156 has a lower Probe Tip Capacitance (like the Classic P6048).
High-Z passive probes support the full bandwidth of the 11A34 but only
with a terminated 50 ohm source which has a 25 ohm impedance. The
same applies to any 300+ MHz high-Z input.

I don't recommend the use of normal Readout Probes with TekProbe Interface Instruments (like your 11A34). Damage to the Probe Interface Connector(Ring) is very likely.
I remember this warning from Tektronix. The problem was with older
Tektronix readout probes like the P6062 and P6063 which have a very
stiff readout connector pin which would gouge the TekProbe interface.

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