Re: 2431 vs 2432 and 2432A


Any comments/insights?
Here's what the MSR (Marketing Sales Release) from June 89 said:


The 2431L is the newest member of the 2400 Series DSO family. The 2431L has reduced technical
specifications and features that are a subset of the 2432A. At the same time the 2431L will include some
new enhanced features that wil! also be added, (and add value to) the 2430A, 2432A, and the 2440.

Key performance features include:
• 250 MS/sec maximum sample rate
• 300 MHz bandwidth
• 8-bit vertical resolution
• 1 k record length per channel
• AutoSetup (View mode only)
• Waveform Parameter Extraction (the full 21 measurements)
• Sequencer (25% of the steps available in the 2432A)
• SaveOnDelta
• Full GPIB programmability
• 20 and 50 MHz bandwidth limit

Additional features of the 2431L available only over the IEEE 488 (GPIB) bus:
• Cursor Units
• Delay by Time
• A Intensified Mode
• B Delayed Sweep Mode
• Trigger Status

And here are several features present in the 2432A but not in the 2431L:
• Rear-panel connectors (except GPIB)
• Word-Recognizer (Use the P6408 Word Recognizer Probe)
• Hardware glitch capture (firmware envelope mode only)
• B Time base and B Trigger status and functions on the front panel
• GPIB Status LEDs on CRT Bezel
• Accessories pouch (available as optional accessory on 2431L)
• Front Panel Cover (available as optional accessory on 2431L)

Several 2431L features will be added to the rest of the 2400 DSO Family:
• The ability to completely erase the waveform and sequence memories (New TekSecure feature)
• User selectable waveform interpolation (linear or sin x/x) with intensified real data points
• Interpolated rise, fall, period, and frequency measurements
• Sample rate readout (included already with 2440 and 2432A)

The 2431L will use the P6136 probe.
The 2431L is a completely new instrument and no conversion to or from any other 2400 Series Digital
Oscilloscope is possible.


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