Re: Tektronix 468 anomaly - Ideas anyone?


On 18 Apr 2016 08:27:52 -0700, you wrote:

Yes, it was the 466 I was thinking of - non digital storage.
My 466 is a DM44 version. Nice, fast analog storage!

The 468 is ok for repetitive signals, with its cursor measurements etc. However, it has no digital on-screen readout, a maximum sampling rate of 25 MS/s and no equivalent sampling, i.e. real-time only.
No way you'd see a 100 MHz signal digitised on it!

Malcolm, I never liked the word "piggyback" for the DM44. I'll call it "penthouse" from now on!

The 468 does have trigger to sample clock jitter correction though.
Given that, I am not sure why they did not include equivalent time
sampling although the TRW flash ADC they used is limited to about 10
MHz so this would have required a sample and hold to be added which is
how the 2230 works. Maybe there was not enough room although the
addition is pretty minor.

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