Re: Yahoo is up for sale, get ready for a disaster...

Chris Wilson

I use a piece of excellent software to store certain Yahoo groups. If
you or anyone else fears a group may "disappear" this software will
archive the whole group, with or without images and files, on your own
hard drive, ad infinitum:

A free 30 day trial version is here:

A video of how it is used and how it works:

I have no commercial or social connection, just a very satisfied user.

Best Regards,
Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY

The group owner can make a list of members, not sure if he is interested or not.
It is possible to download all the messages, photos and files although no
programs seem to exist for my WinXP machine so I'll leave that to someone else.
Hopefully they would be in a format which could allow installation to a
different messaging service.

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