Re: AFG5101 Repair - photograph needed



That is great information !! exactly what I needed.

It seems that the back panel has the minimum number of holes. Two slots for the pcb connectors and one hole for the heatsink bracket.

Also included in the link, was the instructions for setting the contrast on the LCD. I have reproduced the instructions here:

Hint, when you turn it on the display will be barely legible. Press SPCL, then the up down buttons
until LCD is in the window, press enter, arrow up until you are at 99 (its easy, don t give up!), now
press enter again to turn on the back light. Still looks crappy, yes lcd displays have came a long ways
since the 80 s (see photo). Time to complete step, 10 seconds if you ve done it before; 5 or 10 minutes
if I didn't leave this hint.

Thank you !!



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