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When I tried to send this last night at 8:07PM PST Yahoo rejected it. In
fact it seemed to have been rejecting emails for a few hours.

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Hi Nathan,

One more thing. The 7S12 has a "shoe" on it which allows you to connect a
7S11 to it to add another vertical amplifier to your scope. Ordinarily most
TDR measurements will only involve sending a pulse down a line and measuring
the reflections that come back. But with two vertical channels you can
monitor two ports. This comes in handy for measuring the response of power
splitters or two port devices.

That 7S11 will require a sampling head such as an S-5 25pSec head.

Both the S-6 and the S-5 were designed by the very talented George Frye at
Tektronix back in the late 1960s. George now owns a company that
manufacturers Audiological Test Equipment in Tigard, OR.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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One of my new scope acquisitions(currently in transit) is coming with a
7S12/S-6/S-52 TDR setup. Of course no cables. Right now I'm looking at the
S-6 manual and looking at the interconnection diagram. It looks like I
should be using the 750ps cable(015-1017-01) and the "Test Line" cable
015-0123-00. Obviously these cables all got lost, and I can't locate any at
the moment. I've saved my searches and will keep an eye out. I'm trying to
understand the requirements of a replacement.
As I understand this, the interconnect cable being of a certain electrical
length was to delay the pulse reaching the S-6 until after the trigger? So
that would be satisfied by anything that delayed at LEAST 750ps? I have some
6 inch RG-402 jumpers that using book figures for 402, should be around
780-820ps. Hoping that will work, as I don't have anything to measure the
exact electrical length of a cable... Until I get the TDR working. Go
The "Test Line" is specced at 1ns, and I assume that this was to make the
interconnection from "trusted test gear" to "circuit under test" a
fixed/known distance from the sampler as well as avoiding too short a cable
total/too short pulse+reflection? I'm thinking that once I get this working
I can use a "roughly 1ns" cable to attach another cable to the end, and trim
to 1ns?
Any idea what the tolerances would be on these cables from the factory?
Nathan KK4REY
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