Re: TDS 380 calibration and vertical scale problem

David Wilson

Ha! It is interesting that you mention the 465, I originally had my eye on that or the 475 when I decided on the 380. What sold me is the 380 was its advanced precise calculating features and FFT function. In fact I thought the FFT function was particularly interesting as I also had interest in spectrum analyzers so I felt I got the best of both worlds. My one regret with going with the 380 is update rate depending how I set the horizontal scale as it seems to be the case with many digital scopes (except maybe the really good digital scopes), that is when I realize how nice a analog scope is with its instantaneous update rate. Also depending on how I set my horizontal scale I can get aliasing and I am guessing that is another possible reason why the previous owner might have blown out both channels on one decade. Could not get readings on the screen so turned up the vertical scale but was deceived by aliasing, I was fooled by this as well, wondering why I wasn't getting the reading I was excepting until I adjusted the horizontal scale and and then there it suddenly appeared.

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