155-0241-02 (U800) Horizontal IC

Ryan Scott

Greetings to the group. I work at the company that acquired Tek's IC operations back in 1994. There has been several changes in that company in the past 15 years such as departments that are moving overseas. During a recent clean up day I rescued approx 20 of these type IC's that were destined for the recycle bin. However, these appear to a 'qualification' lot or a lot built up by a different vendor as there is no 'Tek' on the device. They appear to be correct and likely a build by another packaging vendor (hence the marking). Or they could have been a special lot used for qualification testing (enviromental, burn in, reliability, etc).

I don't own a 2445/65 scope (yet) so I have no way to test. My plan is to offer these to the group really cheap (like $25 each) but it would be nice to know if they are even close to being OK. I will try to put the pictures of the devices in the photo section. It is a gamble given the nature of the device and it likely being a qualification lot so there's no telling what happened to these devices. They don't appear to have ever been soldered in a circuit board however.

In the meantime, is there anyone in the group that is willing to check one of these devices out for functionality? I would happily donate one of them to the first person who is willing to take the time to verify. Also if there is anyone who may know more about this particular device than I do, I'd be happy to learn more.

Ryan, N7QJ

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