Re: Those funny 311-0603-00 pots

Colin Herbert


I'm not sure what parts you are referring to, but I discovered "Gorilla
glue" some time ago. This works really well on lots of materials and
requires a little water, clamping and about 2 hours to set. Don't confuse it
with Gorilla super-glue, which is a cyanoacrylate. The info on the package
has the caveat that it is not recommended for use on polyethylene and
polypropylene. Since Delrin is polyoxymethylene, it should be ok, I think.
Try it first on somewhere hidden, as the saying goes.

Good Luck, Colin.

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I thought the white part is made of Delrin, but so far it has shrugged off
every glue and solvent I threw at it.
MEK, dichloromethane, hot glue, cyanoacrylate, plastic bonder epoxy, nothing
affects or sticks to it.

How can I be sure the material is Delrin, and not say, Nylon?

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