Re: X-Y mode for Tektronix 2465A


Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for the manual page. This page describes exactly what we are doing.

The reason we grounded first one input and then the other input was to force the trace motion to be purely horizontal or vertical. In fact we achieved purely vertical motion with CH1 grounded but did not get purely horizonal motion with CH2 grounded. Instead we got diagonal motion. Do you agree that this is not what should happen?


On 22 Mar 2016, at 09:08, Mark Huffstutter <mhuffstutter@...> wrote:

If You don't have a copy I've attached the page from the 2465B manual that
speaks to XY operation. This works on My 2465.

If You are comparing channels 1 and 2, only CH2 should be selected in
Vertical Mode. You should not ground any inputs, that is Your comparison signal.


At 12:33 AM 3/22/2016, you wrote:

Gary, thanks for the suggestion. Yesterday we tried all possible combinations of turning off CH1 and CH2. Also setting the input of CH2 to GND. But we'll double check, just to be sure. Any other ideas? Cheers, Bruce

<2465B XY.pdf>

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