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Test 41 fail is described as "INS,SO, and EOA flip-flops" circuit in the time base card that has no IC in sockets they are all soldered on the pc board, i just got this module hours ago and the self test pointed at this description in the manual..... so first things first what is a INS,SO and EOA ????...... i didn't have time to study schematics as i am presently working on my year end and will be tied to this choir for at least a week but a good short-cut to the problem from someone familiar with this issue is my first approach and would be ic's was a good idea that i tried and successfully repaired a 7a42 with thia aproach a few months ago......
so does this ring a bell ?????
I am not an expert on the 7D20 so I just outlined the easy steps that
I would start with which do not require an extender.

Another thing worth trying is cleaning and reseating various card and
cable connectors.

On Tue, 22 Mar 2016 00:18:51 +0000 (UTC), you wrote:

well i have one and the plug in plugs in 3 slots...... it looks like it's a major job.....Paul

I guess it will have to wait a few weeks
That will leave plenty of time to study the manual.

From the description Dennis gives, it should be possible to narrow the
problem down enough to try replacing just a couple of ICs and look for
problems in a specific area.

Page 2-62 discusses self test 41 and what hardware is involved. I
would print out some schematics to mark up and follow the signal paths
to see what might cause the problem.

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