2221 100MHz Scope repair project


Hi all,

I am new to this group.

My name is Leo, I am a Dutch, early retired technician living in Spain. In the period '80-'89 I used to work in a fusion research laboratory in The Netherlands (FOM Rijnhuizen) as an electronic design engineer.
I worked with Tektronix scopes, mostly 475/485 models, however, also a lot of old 5xxs were used. Also with the Polaroid camera's on them..... ;-)

Now I own a working 455 for my little home-projects.
Just this weekend I bought a non working model 2221, 100MHz scope on Ebay.
I do not have it right now, it will be shipped from Germany to me this week.

Restoring this to a working order will be my project this summer.

The known problems so far are (based on the sellers info and pictures):

- there is no trace visible; there is text on the screen though, also there is a trace when beamfinder is pressed.
- Both the knobs for Time Base are damaged. The Cal button broke of completely, the main Time Base rotary button is damaged, but still there.

Even before the unit reaches me I have some questions:
- is a service manual available? (pdf?)
- are the knobs still available? (Scrap-unit, imitation, other sources ??)
- can somebidy explain the real difference between the models 2221(60MHz?), 2221A (100MHz?) and 'my' unit, marked 2221 100MHz? (without the 'A')

Looking forward to some feedback,

Un saludo,

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