Re: Shootout of Substitute SG504 heads = a better head.

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

There was an earlier instrument - the 067-0650-00. This was based on a GR unit oscillator, with a
Tek designed levelling system. This fortunately was on a captive lead, so does not go missing.

It is specced to 900MHz, although mine goes to 950MHz. Levelling is specified to 5% with respect to
the reference frequency as compared to 4% for the SG504.

Having got one, I don't feel a burning urge to spring for an SG504.

If you use the GR 1263B amplitude regulating power supply with unit oscillators, you get 5% to
500MHz, and with a small correction factor extend levelling to 2GHz. It is a bit more of a faff to
use for sure and end up with basically a kit of GR bits to make it work, but it does go higher in
frequency than the SG504 by quite a margin.


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