Re: Shootout of Substitute SG504 heads = a better head.


Now you guys are making me feel like spending more time do a VNA test jig for the SMA and BNC connectors & adapters. Just to quantify the 0.1dB variance vs frequency.

I have some short semi flex 26.5Ghz SMA cables and a couple longer Megaphase 4Ghz cables- new stock I can use to do a reliable jig. Probably with a pair of 6dB SMA pads bracketing the DUT insertion point.

Then Cal the VNA & test jig, insert the DUT and see what happens with the S parameters.

Unfortunately my EXCEL VBA addin: Agilent /HPIB linkup with the VNA to grab screens and data isn't working properly. I'll have to rustle up an old floppy to save and xfer screens and data. Looks like a timing error in the USB linkup. I have basic connectivity and can get the VNA to respond properly with single manual GPIB codes sent over the interface, but the automated stuff is breaking down.

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