Re: OT: underground pipe locating


I made a similar noise source for detecting wires in the wall. I used
1MHz then and similar 555 based modulation. I believe I used just a
simple squarewave oscillator, one of these 5V metal box jobs, and a
small AM radio.
It worked very well (too powerful even) but I think the high frequency
would not go through soil much.

In hindsight I should have just hammered nails into the wall. Because
of Murphy's law it is certain any nail hammered into any wall will hit
a wire. Murphy is much stronger than dousing even.

Goes to show why politics and religion is forbidden on these lists for
good reason. It always turns out the man you thought you had so much
in common with is really crazy, and you only had a very narrow subject
in common after all. Best not to stray off topic really, and stay
friends respecting each other.


On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 10:17 PM, Dwayne Verhey tekscopes@...

Tracking the wire for the fence, I generated an RF frequency of around
600KHz with a signal generator and modulated it with a 4 or 500Hz AF 1/2
wave generated by a real down-and-dirty 555 based circuit, connected one
end to the wire and followed the sound with a cheap $10 transistor
radio tuned to my carrier. A bit of time was spent fine-tuning the
output power so I was following the wire instead of listening to the
source but once I had that figured out, I was able to locate the break
within a foot or two in short order.

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