Re: OT: underground pipe locating

David DiGiacomo

On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 7:20 PM, John Miles <john@...> wrote:
This probably works because the ground density and/or topology is subtly
different where the object is buried, just as a consequence of the original
excavation. Machines compact the soil, etc. Focusing on the dowsing rods
takes your conscious attention away from the terrain, but your brain still
maintains its awareness at some level.
The simpler explanation is that it doesn't work any better than chance.

It's hard to put dowsing to a test, because it's just too hard to bury
something without leaving subtle cues behind that will persist for years. I
doubt the JREF would have taken the bet. It would have been fun to hear
Feynman's take on it.
The JREF did indeed put many dowsers to the test, and they all failed.

P.S. The JREF prize will be back this year or next.

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