Re: Tek 485 - Intensity at Max, Cannot Adjust Down

Tom Gardner

On 20/03/16 23:26, otrfan01@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Now, the trace is very bright (enough that if it is moved down onto the screen, it will occasionally trip the protection circuit and cause the power supply to cycle). The intensity control has no effect.

I have checked the DC restorer diodes with my DMM - all appear OK.
I am led to believe that is an insufficient test.

Would anyone familiar with this type of problem be able to advise next troubleshooting steps?
I recently had a similar problem on a 465, as discussed in the thread "Tek 465 intensity problem".

In my case the HV diodes and capacitors were OK, and the problem was that the grid pin/wire had visibly separated from the grid electrode.

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