5pA diodes and other oddball parts turned up


getting ready for stuff day here at sphere (coming soon, April 9th), I found stashes of the oddest items. for example, siliconix JPAD5 (to-92) diodes, with a 5pA leakage current, used for input protection. these might work for vertical amp and other input circuits, that seems to be their main application.

also CA5010 calogic 1.2V references, literally thousands of them, and a similar AS4041 (same as LM4041) 1.2V reference, in massive numbers.

I even found a box of 2n2646/47 UJT's no doubt from my SCR driver days.

If anybody can use these, just let me know, I can send some back with Larry Correa, or I can mail out some (if you pay postage). There's 10's of thousands of OSRAM SMD LEDs, in all colors, both top and side LEDS, they will go very cheaply, still sealed in the maker's boxes.

I have filled a 2 cu foot box to the brim with semiconductors we will flog for $2 a bag (you fill it yourself) at the event, there is literally everything in there. I even found some new MIL packed P8080A microprocessors, and flat pack gold Raytheon ICs from the 60's. it appears I never seem to throw anything out for some reason...

I even found brand new Tek fan impellers for that bizarre temp controlled fan motor if you need some. no idea where they came from.

hope to see you at stuff day,
all the best,
walter & susan (walter2 -at- sphere.bc.ca)
sphere research corp.

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