Re: Tek 2247A [SN B029000] Recap and diode part list ?

Ed Breya

After seeing this discussion so much, I have very very very vaguely been recalling a discussion here about a NP capacitor in a 224X power supply maybe two to a few years ago. At that time, I looked at it and reported my opinion and theory of whether NP was needed there. I can't even recall what I concluded, but in my brain there's a fuzzy image of a portion of the PS circuit related to startup of the preregulator IC, on the line side, where the part resides.

If this is the part in consideration, then it may be worth a look back to see what I said. I think it was a pretty extensive writeup, or maybe a thread sequence. I would look out of curiosity, but on my old PCs searching yahoo is very tedious - I can barely find anything from a month ago.

If this is not the part, then please disregard - maybe it's my imagination.


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