Re: Tek 2247A [SN B029000] Recap and diode part list ?


I do not doubt you but how did you determine that A18C2204 and
A18C2248 are bi-polar?

I took a very close look at the schematic did not see any way in which
either capacitor could be subject to reverse voltage. My guess is
that Tektronix used bi-polar capacitor for some other obscure reason.

On Fri, 18 Mar 2016 14:56:50 +0000 (UTC), you wrote:

Hi David,

There are two Capacitors  A18C2204 and A18C2248  [CAP,FXD,ELCTLT:100UF,20%,63V] in this 2247A  using bi-polarized cap, does it save to replace with normal polarized cap?
Any idea why need to use bi-polarized cap in PSU?
Hope to hear your advice


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