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Malcolm Hunter

Sorry if this is completely the wrong thing, but is this what you're
looking for?

ebay #322044189543


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Did you find any answer to your question about the 2465 GPIB Option yet?

I think that the extra parts for GPIB Option for the 2445, 2465, 2445A,
and 2465A are mostly the same.

The PROMs on the A5 control board may not be the same.

And, I don't know how the GPIB Option works as I have never used one
before. But looking at my 2nd 2445 (which has the Factory GPIB Option), it
looks like the Front panel has extra cables on it that connect to the
Buffer Board. Looks like the Buffer Board and GPIB boards are the same, but
I would have to check the Service Manual to confirm.

It would make sense to me that the front panel would have extra cable
attached because I read that the GPIB Board can report the switch setting
over the GPIB port, and it would need to know how the switches are set on
the Front Panel. If this is true, the 2445 and 2465 front panels will not
work with a 2465A with GPIB, because they lack the extra cables that are
fit onto the Front Panels of the A models.

Interesting enough is the fact that GPIB parts sets offered on eBay for
sale have different assortments of parts included. They usually include the
GPIB board, and the Buffer board, but do not always include the cables, or
the LED display panel. Sometimes the rear plastic panel is included, and
sometime it isn't. The plastic rear panel needs to be matched with the same
type of fan that it came from, as the back/rear of the plastic panels (and
the back steel panel) are different, depending on whether it was used with
a Siemens or boxer fan. The GPIB kits that I have seen never include the
front panels.

What parts are you looking for?

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