FET leakage question

John Griessen

When it comes to testing for leakage, I may not be using any Tek gear, more likely
an old Keithley 616 electrometer, but here goes:

I find datasheet specs for leakage in most ever P or N FET I find, but only 1/3 or less
spec it at any temperature other than 25 deg C. Are there any properties that track
leakage well so I could estimate what leakage will be at other temps?

The problem comes from wanting "almost everything good" in one package. I am searching for a
low VGS turn on for RDS(on) =1 Ohm or less. That seems to conflict with low leakage some, but
there are some with that spec and VGS=0 drain to source leakage of 1 uA at 25 deg C and 5 uA hot (> 60 deg C).

Diodes inc has many that seem fine at room temp, but they don't spec leakage at any hotter temp.

Know any good P or N FETs single and dual packaged for low leak at 60 deg C, low gate turn on,
20V VDS max?

Without finding more parts that are spec'd, I may need to test! So this was on topic. Test equipment may be required... :-)

John Griessen

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