Re: SMD test fixtures for curve tracers

Michael A. Terrell

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Years ago I tried to make a spring loaded test fixture for two-leaded packages (like 0805), but it never worked really well.  (One would pull back one contact, insert part and release contact) 
I currently use a pcb with two pads and a non-metallic spring loaded pincher.  Never did come up with a good (cheap) solution for 3 lead packages.

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Subject: [TekScopes] SMD test fixtures for curve tracers

  I have been trying to move into the SMD age.

Does anyone have an example of a DYI or economical SMD test fixture that one can use for example on 2 and 3 leaded parts in a curve tracer?

I have searched and not really come up with anything.

I have some really tiny grabbers but it's hard to get all three clips on, particularly if they have solder from being removed, and the parts tend to pop/wonder off and get lost.

Any other ideas?

Michael A. Terrell

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