Re: 2465x A5 Crystal upgrade

Richard R. Pope

I do the same thing. People can't offend me. I am above that
childishness. I can have my feelings hurt. When I try to help people I
sometimes offend someone even though that was not my intention. I tell
it the way it is and I don't go saying that is OK, we will turn reality
off for you. Yeah, you can step out in front of that bus and it won't
hurt you because you are living in another reality. Yeh, right. SPLAT!!
If something is a fact I state as such. If it is my opinion I state
that as such and I don't try to put my opinions out as facts. If I make
a mistake, which I do all of the time, I will apologize, learn from it,
and move on. So this is me.

On 3/16/2016 10:13 AM, Chuck Harris cfharris@... [TekScopes] wrote:

Hi Menahem,

Questions aren't the issue here. I subscribe mostly
to the assertion that there is no such thing as a stupid
question. Only "mostly" because that assertion presumes
that the questioner is asking the question in earnest,
which I presumed to be the case.

My letter to the group was intended to go only to you.

I will, however use my unintentional public release as
an opportunity to comment about the A5 crystal upgrade,
and other similar upgrades made without well considered

Arthur C. Clarke's third law states: Any sufficiently
advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

If one views the 2465 as magic, or magical, perhaps one
shouldn't advise others in how to make inexplicable and
unverifiable "enhancements" to that magic?

Advice that I frequently try to live by...

I never intend to offend anyone... but frequently
manage to do so anyway.

-Chuck Harris

@yachadm [TekScopes] wrote:

This nonsense is how I learn. There is so much stuff out there, that
I will never
be able to know-it-all ;-)

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