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Hi Greg,
Thanks for the link. IT must have been a dream come true to wander around
NBS Labs.

I was referring to a "miniature" or "portable" version of cesium fountain
clock that was under development at the time. I didn't think it would be
wrist watch size but on the other hand it shouldn't require a lot of rack
space like a current cesium clock does. Apparently there are matchbox size
cesium fountain clocks now but their accuracy is not great. The F2 time
standards at NIST cannot be made portable AFAIK. See this for a little more

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I suspect that the fountain clock must have seen significant improvements
given that it is now the showcase machine at NIST and is their F1 and F2
When working with the National Science Foundation a short distance from the
(then NBS) labs, I would occasionally stop by their electronics supply room
to pick up parts. As part of the process, I would then wander around the
labs and get a great opportunity to see where things were going with respect
to time and frequency. The neat thing that always impressed me was that
they had the time to delve deeply into these subjects as opposed to us
mortals who have to spend our time doing other things to make a living.

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