Re: 7854 Repair & Restoration

Brian Bloom

I would consider reflowing all of the solder joints around U50 whether
>a detailed inspection reveals a problem or not as long as the board

I will go ahead and reflow all of them then. I'll use a lead that matches U50/U150 in diameter to test out the mini berg sockets quickly.

>>It's too bad that I didn't get in on the whole AM503 & probe market >>while they were going for $50 each...

>P6021 and P6022 AC current probes regularly sell for under $200 but
>they are somewhat fragile so finding a good one might be a problem.
>They require either the passive termination they originally came with,
>a Tektronix type 134 current probe amplifier, or a 7A14.

I spoke too soon!! I picked up an AM503/TM503 for $50!! I really just bought it because I wanted the TM503. The AM503 is a useful bonus! Now I need to find a deal on an A6302/A6312.......

I also scored my 7S14!!! No more unsuccessfully attempting to obtain a 7T11A!! I also got a 7A22 for a steal that's in better condition than any of the lot that just sold last week. Now 2 of my 485's are fixed....

((Sorry if it seems like I'm bragging... I'm just excited and feel the need to tell someone! None of my friends here even know what an opamp is.....)

This is a fantastic weekend! Now to sort out the 7854 (successfully......)

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