Re: Tek 2247A [SN B029000] Recap and diode part list ?


If the 2247A service manual is like the 2465B service manual, it does not
distinguish between aluminium and tantalum capacitors. Nor do they distinguish
between axial and radial or polar and bipolar. All of those distinctions have
to be determined by manual inspection of the boards. Unless, you can tell from
the Tektronix part number, which is usually not very informative.

When I recapped my 2465BCT, I made a complete list, but then once I had the
boards out I had to refine my list to take those considerations into account.
Unless someone else has a list they actually used, recapping can take a while
due to the need for multiple, serial orders.

The problem is that you usually don't want to take these boards out more than
necessary and for some of them it is had to inspect the parts without removing
the boards. For the 2465BCT, the processor board, the main power and the high
voltage boards can be inspected fairly easily. The power supply boards, option
boards, etc., not so much.


Based on service manual for 2247A, I can't  find Tantalum cap, am I missing something?

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