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Hi Ancel,
I second Craig's comments about the Trimble Thunderbolt GPSDO. That is what
I use. I put mine in a TM500 single wide plugin. It's hard to beat the
average signal you come up with from 6+ cesium standards.
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Hi all:
I'm hoping to ref. a Rigol DSA815, a Rigol DG1022A sig gen and an HP
8753D a good 10Mhz ref.
I see a heap of them here:

IDK what voltage is optimal or which unit to chose (*sine/square,
single or double OXCO) and need some advice on this.
Other ways of skinning the cat is a 10MHz Rb oscillator. Main ones are
Efratom and FEI. Lots from USA and China from decommissioned comms racks.
Also lots of options - sine, square, ones that have a synthesiser so you can
set the frequency over quite wide limits (but that increases the spurs quite
a lot) - lots of info on the web.

Or (what I use) is a GPS standard - a Trimble Thunderbolt from eBay. That
locks to the Caesium standards in orbit, so is bang on frequency to 1 part
in 10 to the lots of zeroes, and about 20fs noise. You need a bullet
antenna too - I've got mine on a short pole attached to the end gable of the
house. Supported by Tboltmon (s/ware from Trimble, or Lady Heather (again
lots on web).

But both those options are relatively expensive as compared with an ovenised
clock module.

With that in mind, the Trimble 10MHz OCXO is the core of the Thunderbolt -
and that is on your list.
That has ultralow phase noise, measured here

But it depends on how accurate you want your 10MHz, and what phase
noise/Allen deviation you want.
And how deep your pocket. And how anal you are (I'm pretty anal).
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