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John Clark

Malcom, those look great!

FYI, There's a guy selling reproduction feet for the 4xx scopes on eBay (not the lathe-turned round ones‎.) I won't name him since he didn't give me permission but some of you probably know him. He doesn't always have them listed but I'll just say they're absolutely fantastic. They are identical to the originals but with a bit harder plastic. He sells them for $25 for a set. Their only downside (and it's very minor at that) is that one side is a bit unfinished due to how they are cast but the set I put on my 475 look and work great.

As a side note, I sent him some 335 & 314 feet to reproduce and, in my opinion, he did a fine job on them, though he wasn't as happy with the end product so he decided not to continue making any more. On these particular feet the rough side ended up having to be the face/bottom of the feet and he didn't like the way they turned out. Since the 335/314 feet are unavailable anywhere (and they're worse than the 4xx feet for breaking) ‎I am 100% satisfied with them. It's off topic for this thread but if anyone is interested in 335/314 feet let me know off list. If there are enough out there maybe he'll make some more for us, casting imperfections aside.


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From: Malcolm Hunter [TekScopes]
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Subject: [TekScopes] 465 foot 3d model


I modeled a replacement cable-wrap foot (actually for my spares 475). It's
on Thingiverse if anyone would like to make use of it.

I just needed something to stop the scope from tipping over. I used PLA,
which is good enough for that. I'm not sure what would be the best material
to print it with and how well it would hold up in general use.


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