Re: 7854 Repair & Restoration

Brian Bloom

I have always been suspicious of the mini-Berg sockets and have run
>into a couple cases where good contact was not being made. I think
>the machined collet pins which you mention below are more reliable.

What I can do while I have the amplifier/driver out is take a 22 gauge wire, insert it into the socket, and check continuity/resistances while I give the wire a wiggle. If one of those sockets shows an intermittent connection or a resistance, would you suggest I replace all of them with augat machined sockets? I have some 24pin dip sockets I can pull apart. I also have the berg sockets from some old 475 boards.

A question for you that's a bit off topic - I want/need a decent current probe for troubleshooting these 485's. (I'm sure I'll want it for other things in the future as well.) Can you recommend a good current probe arrangement that I can keep an eye out for that actually might show up on the market for less than a couple hundred dollars? I'd like to get something close to or sub $100, but I don't want to go over $200.

It's too bad that I didn't get in on the whole AM503 & probe market while they were going for $50 each...

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