Re: 2465 failing EAROM

alfa beta

hi Laura, tried your procedure to no avail
While I was there I also tried the so called EXERCISER 03 (EAROM clearing) described at page 6-16 of the manual ( both in CAL/NO CAL position) : also to no avail : the dots re still there
Thanks anyway; let me know if you have any other idea

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Before you replace the old EAROM try this:

Turn the power off.
Move the cal/nocal jumper to cal.
Turn the power on.
Move the cal/nocal jumper to nocal.
Turn power off.
This will force a refresh write to the EAROM and may cure your dots.
Refer to the service manual page 5-9 if needed.


, I noticed on my 2465 a line of dots in the lower part of display, exactly as described by another member some months ago and documented by him with a clip you can see here

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