Re: OT 10Mhz references

J. L. Trantham

I guess it's a question of what you mean by 'precision'. If you are happy
using WWV as your 'reference' and 'zero-beating' your 'house standard'
against that, then you don't need anything else. However, if you want
something that is 'always right', a GPSDO is hard to beat.

It's also reasonably affordable.

I've had GPSDO's 'die'. Therefore, having the ability to turn it on and
have it up and accurate in 20 or 30 minutes or so is very nice. Having a
separate 'house standard' that you, from time to time, 'adjust' to bring
back 'on frequency' and is more easily replaced is, in my opinion, a good

Now, if you want to dig deeper into the performance/math of the systems, you
can spend a lifetime (or remaining lifetime, in my case) doing that. It is
quite satisfying if you can spare the time to do it. No pun intended.


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I am curious what you guys are doing that requires that sort of
long-term precision?

On 11/03/2016 8:44 AM, 'J. L. Trantham' [TekScopes] wrote:

You can get a 'stand-alone' 10 MHz 'reference' such as an HP 10811 or
any of
the oscillators you and others have mentioned and could be left on
permanently. However, you will eventually need a 'primary standard'
(Cesium, GPS disciplined oscillator, etc.) for comparison to be able to
'adjust' it back on frequency as time goes by.

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