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I am curious what you guys are doing that requires that sort of long-term precision?
Because it is there, and affordable. There are those who are a whole lot worse in that regard. The
ultimate reference is a hydrogen maser - and there are guys out there who have one (have a look at
time nuts website) at many tens of thousands. Or if you want the ultimate in phase noise, a BVA
SC-cut ovenised crystal is almost unbeaten for this . Oscilloquartz were alas
acquired and discontinued their world beating expertise in this difficult corner of technology.

Rakon have taken this up though file:///F:/Downloads/USO%20HSO14%20Shortform-A1.pdf , but a BVA
crystal oscillator will set you back 10k somethings (dollars, euros, UKP). But although the phase
noise and Allen deviation are astoundingly good, the frequency will drift in common with all crystal

I'm happy though with my humble Trimble - a couple of hundred once you have the active bullet
antenna with a good view of the sky.

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