Re: 7854 Repair & Restoration

Ed Breya

I'm pretty sure that these canned hybrids are always plugged into Berg sockets that sit nearly flush with the board surface. These are among the most reliable IC pin connector types I know of, despite their low profile and simplicity. I've never seen a bad one except where abused by the wrong lead diameter or chemical attack.

The pins on the solder side of the board are fat, indicating they are likely Berg sockets. Tomorrow I'll see if I can pull the hybrids out of one of the spare amplifier boards. This should also tell whether or not there's thermal grease underneath.

There are at least two types of low profile socket pins - the Bergs that I often refer to are made from tiny drawn and crimped sheet metal components, and are usually pressed into the board early in the build process. They often have a white silicone elastomer glob seal on the opening, which is punctured by the part lead when installed. Tek often used these for transistor and IC pins, and also as the center conductor receptacle for board-mounted Peltola connectors.

The other kind are high quality machined sockets, originated by Augat, I think, and commonly used in very good IC sockets and low profile in-board pins and strips. I think HP used a lot of these.


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