Re: 7A13 Knob


It'll work fine with the thermoplastic 3D printing material.
I have inserted nuts before to get a stronger thread, just used a
soldering iron to heat them up.

With something large and thin like a knob, I would recommend to have
cold water nearby so you can set the plastic as soon as the insert is
in place. Otherwise the stored heat will transfer from the metal into
the plastic and possibly deform it on the outside.

I don't see why you couldn't make it a slip fit and epoxy it in.


On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 12:11 AM, Nathan Johnson
[TekScopes] <> wrote:
That would almost surely work with a cast/molded part... The million $ question
is how various 3D printed materials would behave in that application.
I drew something up quick n dirty in OpenSCAD and I'm going to send it out to
try Shapeways and maybe another service. I'm sending a good original to a guy
who does CNC work. My impression is that not many knobs were made as spares, and
that most knobs for sale come at the expense of a complete plugin. Combining the
fact that this knob is unique to the 7A13(Not quite, I think it's used on the
calibrator controls on the 7904 non-A), the fact that the 7A13 is slightly rare,
and slightly more expensive contributes to why there aren't many around.
Nathan KK4REY

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