Re: Tektronic 466 - Storage Modes inop


The 5111 and 577 D1 both use bistable storage only. I've found the operation of (older) bistable storage systems mostly marginal. It is quite sensitive to temperature and periods of non-use but it does recover (mostly) after several hours under power.
The 466 has a different construction; it can benefit from being revived under power but far less so.

I have bistable storage 'scopes and several of the other types. I have always found that the non-bistable systems need far less recovery, like the 464, 466, 7613. I've seen the same differentiated behaviour in 'scopes using both systems, like the 7623A, 7633, 7834.

Bistable-only systems generally are older than the other systems, so with those, age may play a role in itself.

My 577 D1 and 5113 (bistable only, basically identical systems) need at least half an hour after being switched on to provide good storage. Scopes like the 464, 466 and 7834 just need a few minutes.

I think your 466 has a problem. Could just be a matter of voltage adjustments in the storage system.


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