Re: Tektronic 466 - Storage Modes inop

Ed Breya

I don't know if this will help, but it may be a good idea to let it cook for a few hours, especially if it hasn't been run in a few years. I have a 577 D1 storage type on which the display looks awful when first turned on, in storage mode, with a big pincushion green background that can't be turned off. After running for about twenty minutes, and a few erase cycles, it blanks out nicely.

If it doesn't settle down, you may want to check and tweak the flood gun circuits. Once the basic operation is confirmed, you can check the screen and storage mesh by filling the display - just set up for a free-running sweep, and work the vertical position up and down until the whole thing is written. Ideally, it should present a uniform filled green screen. You'll see any bad spots or after-images.


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