Re: Tektronic 466 - Storage Modes inop


On 09 Mar 2016 18:46:03 -0800, you wrote:

This is a new-to-me 466. It seems pretty much OK in non-store modes. When I pop it into variable Persistance, I still see the trace, but no storage. No effect from the View Time Storage Level, or Storage Intensity controls. Pushing Erase, blanks the trace for a second, but no flash of light, as I'd expect.

LV DC supplies all look OK.

Weirdest symptom follows: With the intensity turned all the way down, I see a few dimly lit, stationary 'spots' on the screen and a faint overall green glow.
That is normal. I have noticed faint illuminated shadows and
illuminated dots before on storage CRTs.

No experience with tinkering at storage circuits... yet....

Comments, Ideas, admonishments, etc appreciated...
After checking the general stuff like the low voltage power supply
outputs and doing a detailed visual inspection, I would consider
connectors and socketted parts like transistors and ICs.

If that does not turn up anything, then I would do the z-axis
calibration procedures followed by the storage calibration procedures.

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