Last few 11K plugs in left at Sphere


My thanks to all that responded about the 11K stuff we are clearing out. Shane at Avatar Metrology ran all the plug ins for everybody in his 11302A to be sure they were good, so there shouldn't be any surprises on arrival.

All the cal, blank and comparator plug ins and many of the others are gone, here's what's left:

1 ea. 11A34 (quad) US$50 (found another one!)
3 ea. 11A32 (dual) US$50 each
3 ea. 11A71 (fast 50 ohm single) US$70 each

I also have some bad (sorry, no idea what the issues were, just tagged bad, some missing covers) 11K plug ins, they are 11A32 and 11A52, US$25 each. still look good, and no visible internal damage. looks like we can ship 2 plug-ins expresspost to the US for about C$58, or by regular post for C$39.

I also have a lot of 11401 internal boards left (known good) if any help to somebody out there. There's also a bad 11302 frame that will go at stuff day, US$150, has a deflection problem, no other details. just failed about a year ago, was set aside, may be a psu problem. Too big and heavy to ship, so pick up at stuff day (april 9th) ONLY.

let me know if you can use any of these, YES, I will hold any stuff for pick up in April at stuff day if settled now.

Lots more Tek stuff to go on stuff day, I will try to advise on as much as I can here on the list before stuff day, but we are just in the middle of getting everything restored inside the building after having the floor replaced, (took 8 months), so not a lot of time to do that.

all the best,
walter & susan (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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