Re: Tek 7854 Info, Repair, Restore

Brian Bloom

You would not need the 7S11 at all but using the 7S12 as a sampling
>sweep requires the S-53 Trigger Recognizer head which is shown in the
>photo. This configuration gives roughly the capability of a 7T11
>without the random sampling capability so a delay line would be needed
>to see the triggering edge.

>I think the delay line is more rare and expensive than a 7S14 which is
>why I recommended the later. The 7T11 and 7T11A do away with needing
>the delay line as well because of their random sampling capability but
>are more difficult to use than a 7S14.

I just haven't been able to find any 7T11, 7T11A, or 7S14 plugins thus far. There are a few 7S12, S53, sampling plugins, and 7M11 plugins available right now, though.

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