Re: Probes for 2445A


That is about the same price as a new Chinese made Texas probe which
would also work. Texas is either the OEM for the current crop of
Keysight oscilloscope probes (and Rigol and probably others) or they
are both made by the same company.


If you buy those, then you get all the little probe tip accessories as
well. They have two high frequency adjustments on the compensation
box so they can be adapted to different oscilloscopes although I did
not have to adjust mine for use below 200 MHz.

On Tue, 16 Feb 2016 18:56:17 +0000, you wrote:


Before I spend $200 on 4 P6133 probes (ebay #351442258034) shipped to the
UK, am I getting the correct ones for my Tek 2445A? Is that a good price?


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