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Malcolm Hunter

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I confirmed to the seller that I would like to buy them if they are good
(cable etc.)
The seller is on this Marktplaats for 6.5 years, which usually means that
they are ok. He's got some other "serious/professional" stuff for sale ATM
as well.
I'll let you know as soon as I get a response.

​Thanks Raymond​

You know there are several versions of these probes? Firstly, there are
different cable lengths: These are all "nice and short" 1.3m length, i.e.
highest BW. Also, there's an Option 25 (I think), which has the larger,
more traditional (6 mm) tip. AFAI could see, these are not Option 25.

​I thought that was the P6133 with the Option 25?

Should you want to (start with) a spare cable: There's one for sale "brand
new" from Israel on Ebay # 231844909513.
​Tempting. I might get that if I have a P6131 complete - it's a 2 metre.


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