Re: Probes for 2445A


Hi Malcolm,
I don't think that's a very good price at all.
P6133's are regularly available in (continental) Europe at lower prices. The other day, four P6131's (300 MHz, well suited for anything from 2445(X) to 2465/67(X)) € 25 each, which is typical. Two are left at the moment.
P6138/39's etc. are more expensive - and not as easily adapted to a 24XX.
Like the probes in your link, the low-inductance accessory "pins" don't seem to be part of the deal though.
I'll buy them for you if you want. I would try and get confirmation that cables are in perfect condition.
P6106(A)'s (as an example) are well suited for your 2445(X) as well and not expensive.


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