Re: Introduction of myself!


Were the memory boards changed as part of an upgrade to older models?
I don't know the answer to your question, i.e. I don't know if an upgrade was available from Tek.

For a full upgrade the rear panel (with the fan opening and keyboard socket) would have to be replaced as well, since the two backup power banana sockets would go and a switch installed to allow selecting either running on backup power (Li battery) or restarting with system test after power up. The difference is obvious between the original version and the new version rear panel.

I do know that it's quite easy to modify the computer main board to accomodate the new integrated ROM/RAM board: Only one power supply wire need be connected to an unused connector main board pin. The old boards will work in the new model but not vice versa without installing the (power) wire.

One of my 7854's is a late version separate ROM/RAM version with new GPIB software ("1.03") in non-Mostek ROMs. Apart from the apparently improved GPIB handling, replacing the deteriorating Mostek ROMs could be an advantage. So, the OP could be lucky on two levels: Old Mostek separate ROM/RAM, old non-Mostek separate ROM/RAM, new integrated Li-backup ROM/RAM board.


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