Re: 7904 - Very Dim Trace

Brian Bloom

Apologies if my lack of experience + comments come as a possible irritation by some chance.

After all my time in construction and automotive, I have learned that it is better to state my ideas and thoughts regardless of their faults in the event they may trigger a new thought process in someone else and lead to the best outcome.

I wouldn't want to float a Fluke dmm at that voltage, either. What about making your own voltage divider x1000 probe for the application?

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Sure - anything's possible I suppose. I now know that carbon comp resistors have a large voltage coefficient, but that's not really related to this. Anyway, changing out this resistor is pretty easy. I'll can give that a try...

It's easier and less risky than attempting to float my TRMS Fluke at -3 kV...

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